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Your Survey Results: What would you like to learn in class?

Total Choices 53. Total responses 217. Top 4 Choices.



EL Civics Student Needs Survey 2018-19


What would you like to learn more about? Pick 3 items of the list provided below. *

Banking (Compare institutions like banks, credit unions, check cashing services, ect.)


  • Make consumer complaints
  • Start a small business
  • Obtain Housing
  • Ask about renter rights, leases and rental agreements
  • Solve home maintenance problems
  • Practice personal and family safety
  • Find a solution for a community problem
  • Find preschool or childcare
  • Locate key places in the community
  • Explore cultural diversity in the community
  • Access DMV services
  • Communicate with children’s school
  • Obtain education or training to meet a personal goal
  • Locate and use emergency services
  • Practice disaster and emergency preparedness
  • Solve family problems
  • Locate and use services for seniors
  • Understand immigrant rights
  • Explore extra-curricular activities for children
  • Practice parenting skills
  • Ask about leisure time activities
  • Locate community resources
  • Avoid being an accident or crime victim
  • Ask about opportunities to volunteer
  • Obtain health care services
  • Respond in emergency situations
  • Communicate with Health care professionals
  • Deal with medical insurance issues
  • Obtain and use medicines
  • Prevent and treat addictions
  • Ask about job requirements
  • Obtain job training and education
  • Obtain employment related services
  • Discuss employment rights
  • Practice job safety
  • Understand workplace expectations
  • Identify the basic organization of local county, state and or federal government
  • Discuss the voting process
  • Prepare for the naturalization process
  • Identify people and events in local, state and federal history
  • Discuss environmental problems and solutions
  • Identify various methods to obtain identification cards
  • Identify how to obtain legal help
  • Identify information related to the purchase and preparation of healthy foods
  • Learn about Internet Safety
  • Learn about online tools to communicate with other such as email, blogs and social media
  • Identify methods to successfully transition to college, job training, or career
  • Learn study skills needed for college, job training, or career
  • Learn about the workplace readiness skills such as customer service, work ethics, and leadership
  • Identify workplace rights
  • Learn about becoming a Early Childhood Educator
  • Learn about becoming a Personal Care Aide


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