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Clases de Inglés. Sin costo para todos. 

Contamos con cuidado de niños gratis.

Para registrarse llame al (760) 398-6302 para más detalles.

English as a Second Language

Tu también puedes aprender inglés. Suscrébete Gratis!


Las clases de inglés ayudan a los adultos a mejorar su lenguaje verbal y por escrito en el idioma ingles a través de la práctica en lectura, escritura, y dialogo.

Las clases serán de lunes a jueves de 6:00 p.m. a 8:30 p.m.

Para registrarse llame al (760) 398-6302 para más detalles.

Las clases tendrán lugar en las escuelas siguientes:


  • Centro de Recursos de Trabajadores Agrícolas – Mecca
  • Escuela de Adultos del Valle de Coachella – Coachella
  • Escuela Primaria Andrew Jackson -Indio
  • Escuela Primaria Benjamín Franklin – La Quinta
  • Escuela Primaria Lyndon Johnson – Indio
  • Escuela Primaria Saúl Martinez – Mecca
  • Escuela Primaria Herbert Hoover-Indio
CVAS offers a wide range of ESL classes from beginning to advanced. Students are initially assessed and placed into an appropriate class where they improve in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Instruction is given to enhance these skills so students can communicate effectively beyond the classroom. Students begin to carry on dialogs in English at work and other places in the community. As students develop a stronger proficiency of Life Skills, they have the opportunity to advance even further in intermediate and advanced courses which focus on fluency and more complex structures in addition to basic grammar. Whether your goal is to speak correctly for job interviews or advance to higher education, CVAS has a course suited for you.

Escuela de Adultos del Valle de Coachella

Clases de Ingles para Adultos

These ESL classes help adult participants increase their verbal and written fluency in the English language through the use of reading, writing, and speaking assignments.

Classes will be held at the following schools:

Andrew Jackson Elementary School – Indio

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School – La Quinta

Coachella Valley Adult School – Coachella

Farm Worker Resource Center – Mecca

Lyndon Johnson Elementary School – Indio

Saul Martinez Elementary School – Mecca

Herbert Hoover Elementary School – Indio

Classes will run Monday – Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

To register call (760) 398-6302 for more details.

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