This colorful graphic tip sheet provides easy reminders for keeping safety on the top of your to-do list this holiday season.

  1. Inspect electrical decorations for damage before use. 
  2. Do not overload electrical outlets. 
  3. Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights. 
  4. Keep trees fresh by watering daily.
  5. Use battery-operated candles. 
  6. Keep combustibles at least three feet from heat sources. 
  7. Protect cords from damage. 
  8. Check decorations for certification label.
  9. Stay in the kitchen when something is cooking.  
  10. Turn off, unplug, and extinguish all decorations when going to sleep or leaving the house. 

Unattended candles are the cause of one in five home candle fires. Half of home fire deaths occur between the hours of 11pm and 7am (NFPA).

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