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Doing GED at Coachella Valley Adult School

Peter: My name is Peter. I am doing the HiSET GED.
Maria: My name is Maria and I’m studying for GED HiSET.
Peter: For years, I wanted to complete my education. So finally after X amount of years, I’m here.
Maria: I’m actually working part-time because it was easy for me and it’s in good timing.
Peter: There are a lot of forms. They says it’s a great class. It makes you feel good because there are different – diversity of students trying to complete the same goal.
Maria: It’s a full class. But it just depends on the days. But everybody is nice.
Peter: The sooner the better. It furthers your chances to earn more money.
Maria: My name is Maria and I’m studying GED.
Doing HiSet and GED in Coachella, CA

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