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Coachella Valley Adult School we offer ESL, citizenship, GED, HSD, and more

Jereme Weischedel: Hey, this is Jereme Weischedel from Coachella Valley Adult School, inviting you to come on out and take advantage of some of our great courses. We’ve been around for 60 years and we’re the number one adult school in the Coachella Valley. We got the best teachers, the best staff. Unbeatable! Come on out and change your life today.


Female Speaker: I’m Miss Maritza  and I’m the school secretary here at the Coachella Valley Adult School.


We have ESL classes, citizenship, computer classes, real estate classes, high school diploma and GED. For example our GED classes, we have them in Spanish or English and then our high school diploma, they’re all English and then our ESL classes are English because people are here to learn the language and we have both morning and evening classes and we have different satellites throughout the Coachella valley.


Armando Garcia: Hello. My name is Armando Garcia. I’m Mr. Garcia. I’m teaching GED HiSET here at Coachella Valley Adult School and I would like to invite you. If you don’t have your high school diploma or you need one, I invite you to come with us. 
The best school in Coachella!

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